You’ve just grabbed the mop to clear up a spill or wipe away the day-to-day dirt, but will you actually make your floors dirtier by using this cleaning tool? You can also clean accidental artwork off a vinyl floor if you’ve discovered that your child left their artist mark using crayons. Make your own pre-stain treatment a whole lot cheaper than what you can buy by pouring some liquid detergent in a heavy duty spray bottle. When your bar soap gets down to that last small piece, save it in a plastic heavy duty zip bag. Use old plastic credit cards as a scraper for removing burned on foods or to get stuck things off. Wear oven mitts so you don’t get burned. When water or other liquids are left to sit on the floor for long periods, they will cause unnecessary stains and damage to the layer that protects the floor from wear. Save your little pieces of bar soap in a liquid hand soap bottle with some water in it. When you get enough small pieces saved, microwave it for a couple minutes to make soap pliable.

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The point is simple: Make your doormat wide and noticeable enough. It will create enough hot steam to wipe down the oven. When Hilfirty came across the box, he decided to track down Holloway’s family. Rinse while you mop regularly. A microfiber mop allows you to clean with very little liquid, so it can be better for hardwood and marble. A soft microfiber cloth is also a good alternative. You have to clean off the mess with a cloth. Because vinyl is water-resistant, it’s very easy to clean — you don’t have to hurry to dry it afterward. Rinse and dry. Put a denture tablet in a small container of water and soak your jewelry in it to clean it. Mix 2 parts white vinegar to 1 part water to clean windows. Mix. Lay your silver in the pan and it cleans almost magically right before your eyes. In a baking pan cover the bottom of it with aluminum foil. Choose a Scuff cover shoe polish to give you better coverage when buying a polish for shoes.

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Nail polish remover: Use this only when cleaning up nail polish spills, but dabbing a nail polish stain with nail polish remover should bring it right up. You could also use dishwashing soap or a store-bought floor cleaner. For a simple spot cleaner – for those, oops, there goes dinner on the carpet moments – mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda until you form a thick paste. I tried cleaning with all purpose cleaner with bleach and it did not work. Slip it on and you have a smock to paint in or work in without messing up your clothes. Use it to spot treat your clothes. Use a soft brush. Use a cheese slicer on vegetables. Use an egg slicer to slice softer fruits like strawberries, bananas, kiwifruit, or mushrooms. Use empty onion bags as scrubbers for Teflon pots and pans. For garlic or onion breath you can chew on a coffee bean. Acidic soft drinks and other sugary substances can be harder to tackle the longer they’re left. To tackle stains on the grout, scrub the area with a toothbrush using the same paste.

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You could also use baking soda to remove acidic stains from foods like wine and tomatoes. Wash hands with baking soda to remove odors, or rub hands with a freshly sliced lemon half. Rub this bag of coffee beans over your hands. Squirt some of the lemon juice on the hands and rub it in, then wash hands as you normally would to remove odors. Take care to ventilate the area well when you remove the bucket. The cleaning head is broad and takes fewer passes to get the job well done. Cut out a place in the middle for your head and one place on each side for your arms to go through. Remove and use. To make a good pumice soap mix some sugar and liquid soap such as Dawn to cut greasy grime, then wash hands as you would normally. You can cut off the wrist area of a rubber glove and use it for a wide rubber band. Murphy’s Oil Soap and Scott’s Liquid Gold are products you can purchase to clean wood.

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