The most common poison exposures for children are the ingestion of products in our home, chlorine being number one. When it comes to repairing plumbing problems, there are many situations where it is wise to hire a professional plumber to do the job. If filling the plumbing p-traps with water does not resolve the problem, the best thing you can do is call a professional plumber. But in soft water even the smallest amount of soap can create quite a bit of suds, and a normal portion can create a massive amount of foam in the hot tub. Use the same method you used on your sink, once again being sure to use cleaning agents that won’t damage the finish on your tub. Then wipe down the entire countertop, sink, faucet and fixtures. Giving your bathrooms a thorough and refreshing clean will give your entire home a new sparkle. This kind of buildup can cause damage to your entire system, reducing flow time on your water and even damaging your boiler performance. Allow time to soak into the soap scum which becomes the fastest way to clean your shower/tub.

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Find the best way to keep your soap scum at bay and you will not have to spend as much time cleaning your shower. With all these tips, you find it easy to maintain a sparkling bathtub and shower stall in your bathrooms. Anyone who’s passionate about cleaning bathrooms is likely not trusted around children and small animals! Probably not, but the fact is, with these poisonous products in the home, it could very well be putting our children in danger. That toxic oven cleaner even says right on the can to have a well ventilated area, do not inhale, swallow, get in eyes or on skin. Don’t forget about your faucets as well. Take an old toothbrush and scrub the nooks and crannies on the faucets. Take a moment to really think long and hard about this. If there is substantial soap scum build up, it may take several cleanings with the cloth to get rid of it and you may want to invest in a bottle of the Descaler.

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It’s not necessary, but I usually give the cloth another good wringing out quickly wipe any moisture off the walls and tub. You’ll be amazed at how a weekend spent cleaning out the dust and grime of a few simple areas can energize you long before the first buds bloom. Many people dread cleaning toilets and soap scum from showers, but a little work in these areas goes a long way. The Dusting Mitt is a little more plush and will get into the wee screen holes. Cleaning the hard water deposits from your showerhead not only makes your bathroom look cleaner and more attractive, but it also makes your showerhead more efficient. A front loader uses about 40% less water and 50% less electricity. A low sudsing detergent is necessary for a front loader washer. So in effect the detergent makes the water more efficient. As a result, water does not flow as freely and water pressure is reduced.

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Getting rid of the bad odours from the plumbing pipes is one of those jobs if you were unable to fix the problem yourself by pouring water through the plumbing system. It is also important to understand where important plumbing components are located in case you have to do something such as turn off the main water valve. These three simple areas — the cleaning closet, sinks and bathrooms — are a reflection of your home as a whole. The cleaning supplies you use in your home can contain some seriously dangerous chemicals. Begin by cleaning up cleaning supplies. The state of a sink is a big indicator of the cleanliness of any home so begin and end your refreshing housekeeping with a clean sink. You’ll want to begin by decluttering, as the bathroom counter tends to be a collection spot for toothbrushes, combs and brushes, and sometimes items you don’t necessarily want the neighbors to see. This is what I used to do when I had the dirty job of disinfecting the bathroom. If you have a plugged plumbing drain, you will likely have to get the drain roto-rootered or cleaned which is a job that is best left to a professional plumber.

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A plumber has the knowledge, experience, and the right tools to effectively find the cause of the bad odour and fix the problem, including the equipment to replace a bad sewer line or sump pump. Try some different brands of soap until you find one that does not contribute to your soap scum problem. The main places you will find mildew in the shower are the corners, along the edges of floor, and between the tiles. If you have hard-water then you are probably gonna have the calcium, lime and rust buildup which only helps the mildew thrive. Every homeowner should have basic knowledge about how the plumbing system works in order to properly maintain the plumbing/septic system. Although its basic principles remain the same, it is now made using a sophisticated chemical and manufacturing process. Clean porcelain tubs using some nonabrasive powder or liquid cleanser and a damp sponge.

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